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Striving for Excellence in Local Communities 
The Franklin Foundation 

Mission:  At The Franklin Foundation, we believe that communities are the very essence of a strong country. As an organization, we strive for excellence in local communities by providing them with the resources they need to flourish. We go above and beyond to provide safe, empowering environments where people can fully learn to fully embrace their identity and gain the skills they need to be leaders in their communities!

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Connecting with OUR Community

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Education & Youth Services

Our endeavors at The Franklin Foundation are rooted in empowering our youth to explore their gifts and identity. We understand that opportunities present themselves daily; it is our goal to create a fun and safe environment for them to thrive. As growing is essential to our human interconnectedness, we aspire to learn and grow from each other within our community. Click to learn more! 


As our organization evolves, so does the world around us. At The Franklin Foundation, we express our gratitude through the deeds of giving back to the community that once gave to us. Click to learn more about the acts of kindness circling our community through our amazing volunteers!


Mental Health & Wellness

At The Franklin Foundation, we aim to enhance programs that magnify the mind, body, and spirit of all community members. Did you know, being intentional in small acts of preventive care can lead to longer and healthier lives? Click to learn more about how self-care tips and preventive measures can support local communities. 


The Franklin Foundation aims to make every life count in every way.  We strive for equity by highlighting diversity and inclusion within our educational programs. Being able to recognize other's diversities and standing assured in your identity leads us to the path of respecting others. To further stretch our goals, we offer programs to encourage businesses and universities to uplift cultural awareness and perspectives within their agencies. 
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At The Franklin Foundation, our goal is to provide underserved communities with the resources that they need to grow. As a 501 C(3) nonprofit, we rely on donations from our supporters to keep our programs running. Your donations help us to provide free programs for students in the Denver area, fight environmental injustice, fund our annual scholarship, and much more! Please feel free to donate below and share our website!  You can also donate through Cash App to $Franklinfoundation. We truly appreciate all contributions from our donors!

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