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As we remember the lives of those we have lost it is important that we protect our mental health. Here are a few tips on how to stay healthy during these times.

Please feel free to share ideas about how we can further impact the fight for wellness below!


Self Care Tips

As we fight to stay healthy during the  COVID-19 and work towards change as a country, it is important that we also protect our mental health.  Our mental health can depreciate as we change our schedules and experience traumatic events. Here are a few tips to stay physically and mentally fit:

Yoga, Read, Take a walk,  Try a new recipe, Watch a movie, Acknowledge your small wins/ accomplishments


Mental Health Spotlight

Mental health is one of the foundations of every person's well being. It is important to connect with individuals who understand all parts of us. At The Franklin Foundation, we strive to uplift our mental health while also supporting small or local businesses.

This month we are highlighting how yoga can alleviate anxiety and stress from racial trauma. Make sure you check out the video above and learn more about Sherell Moore Tucker!  

Mental Health



Prevention, Education, & Outreach

Here at The Franklin Foundation, we strive to provide programs that enhance the mind, body, and spirit of community members. Small acts of preventive care can lead to longer and healthier lives. As an organization, we provide health cares tips and preventive screenings for community members at many of our events.

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