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Providing for the world that provides for us 


June, 2020

Homeless Outreach at Civic City Park

As we fight injustice across America, it is important that we remember some of our most vulnerable community members. During the month of June, we had the opportunity to feed over 200 individuals who experience homelessness. We hope to continue our outreach against homelessness as the year continues. Please feel free to share ideas about how we can further impact the fight to end homelessness below!

Screenshot 2020-04-01 at 1.20.09 AM.png

March, 2020

Water for families with disabled individuals in Denmark, SC

We are so thankful to everyone who donated to the water drive for Denmark! We were be able to  donate water for over 250 families during COVID-19! These donations were only made possible through our partnership with Denmark Citizen's for Safe Water, A. Bevy Collegiate Group & South Carolina's Progressive Network! We deeply thank them for all of their support and hard work! 


January. 2020

Water Drive for Denmark, SC

As we begin the new year, we are beginning to focus on new ways to impact communities. For the first months of the new year, all contributions will go towards environmental outreach in Denmark, South Carolina. Please contact us if your would like to learn more! 

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