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Youth Services

Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow

Since 2017, we have contributed to the development of children throughout local communities around the nation. Our programs are centered around instilling strong values into our youth and providing a space for them to expand their minds. We aim for all of our programs to leave an impact on the communities that we visit. Click below to learn more about how we enhancing minds and communities.

Our Programs: Our Programs

Stand Up & Stand Out

Year around! 

This program strives to teach the youth the importance of valuing their identities and emotions. We do this by guiding youth through our inclusive curriculum and activities for various programs. Our Stand Up & Stand Out program gives youth the opportunity to express their ideas & thoughts in safe space. Our program prepares youth for a strong physical & mental future. Learn more about how you can help youth in your community or school!


Inclusive Curriculum

01/19 - 01/23

We are excited to begin gathering some of our favorite lessons to build our curriculum! It is important that the experiences of all identities are reflected in our lessons and throughout our curriculum. We are very grateful to have the help of local youth, community members, and university students to assist us during our development process. Contact us today to learn more about our curriculum! 


Scholarships & Community Events


As we grow as an organization, we hope to increase the impact that we create on our youth. This year our goal is to create a scholarship for students in need. 


We will be working with community members and students to create guidelines for scholarship recipients, throughout the school year of 2020-2021. Our think tank will also be gathering fundraiser ideas. 

Learn more about how you help donate or contribute guidelines below. 

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